Effective Characteristics of a Successful Home Seller!

By Bruce Smith

This is the 1st article of a seven part series that should help the seller avoid the,” I Could Have…Should Have…Would Have…”moments.

What I am about to say sounds harsh but it has to be saidWhat you bought your house for five years doesn’t matter.  Nor does it matter what your neighbor sold their house for 11 months ago.   What you spent on home improvements doesn’t matter either.  I should have…could have… would have… doesn’t matter had you sold your house at the peak in 2006.  The pool you added or your wood floor upgrades are nice but be realistic.  Every dollar you spent for any improvements and upgrades will not be matched dollar for dollar on resale.

Moving and selling a home can be one of the more stressful times in one’s life or marriage.  Being realistic from the beginning will easy the selling process.  There are many complex factors that impact the sale of your home.  Every market and sub market has factors that contribute to your home’s value.  Sub markets are often broken down by subdivision, neighborhood and street.  It is important to understand your home’s value, your neighborhood, and your local real estate market.  It is also import to understand what you may have control over and what you can’t control.  You can’t control the dynamics of the local real estate market, your local economy nor the lending environment.  Take comfort in the things you can control such as home curb appeal, cleanliness, maintenance, along with home availability for showing.  Embraces what you can control with the pride of home ownership and realistically understand what factors you can’t control.      



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